Fans love strikeouts.
Teams love happy fans.
Charities love support. 


How Strikes For Tikes helps teams raise money for local charities

first pitch: create awareness

We work with your team’s PR, corporate relations, promotional staffs to provide announcement scripts, giveaways, videos for website/social media/in-game production, and any background information they may need. Upon request, Strikes For Tikes™ will also send a representative to the ballpark to address the crowd and set up a table to increase exposure to the fans. Outside of the ballpark, we can also launch an outreach campaign to the local business and nonprofit communities to raise awareness and increase engagement.



We handle the entire donation, tracking, and reporting process. Once we receive the pledge, Strikes For Tikes™ will invoice the donor, track payment, and issue a tax receipt. In addition, we’ll keep up on the box scores from all your home games and tally the ongoing strikeout total on our site (and yours if you’d like)! Finally, we don’t require cash or payment at your games. Our pledge and donation process all takes place online and throughout the season.



We understand you’re busy – I mean, you have a team to run. That’s why we handle 98% of the work. Our goal isn’t to take away time and energy from the team, it’s to help you find a more efficient way to give back to your community. Through the work we do, you’ll be helping the kids in the community, engaging the business community, and raising the charitable profile of your organization. All you have to do is focus on that pitching staff and make sure we rack up the ‘K’s’!


We strengthen community relationships
between fans and local charities
encouraging professional baseball teams
to act as a catalyst.

Strikes For Tikes™ mission statement




winnipeg goldeyes

The Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation Inc. has been operating a charitable fund raising program called Strikes For Tikes since 2001. The program runs as follows: Goldeyes fans are asked to pledge a certain dollar amount for every strikeout thrown by a Goldeyes pitcher during the exhibition, regular and playoff seasons. At the end of the year, an invoice is sent out to all who pledged with the amount they pledged and the total amount owing. Once the check or credit card number is received, a charitable tax receipt is sent out to all who donated.

In its inaugural year, the Strikes For Tikes program raised $1,237.65. That amount has risen to as high as $16,000 but generally raises between $10-$ 13,000. Since 2001, the program has raised a total of $174.963.70.

Once all of the Strikes For Tikes money is received, it is added to other monies generated by the Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, and then distributed to children's charities in Manitoba each February. The Field of Dreams Foundation has raised and distributed more than $2 million to children's charities in Manitoba since its inception in 1995.

Andrew Collier
General Manager - Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club
Treasurer — Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation Inc.



In our first year of working with Strikes for Tikes, we were able to raise more than $1400 for a local children’s hospital. Partnering with the team at Strikes for Tikes made this very easy, honoring their guarantee on the front end.

Strikes for Tikes is a fun program that multiple people from our front office were eager to help promote, and we look forward to growing that total raised in year two.

Charlie Umland
Ticket Sales Manager


orinda baseball association

I've been very impressed with the Strikes For Tikes program. It's an incredible concept, easy to understand and very popular with both the kids and parents who like to support the league. Strikes For Tikes, in my experience, was very nimble in setting this program up, reporting throughout the season and followed up at the end of the season with a check that exceeded our expectations.

If you are looking for a meaningful fundraiser that engages the community and contributes to the bottom line, Strikes For Tikes might be the right program for you.

Al Eames
OBA Bronco Commissioner


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